Clever Kids and Canines is the UK's leading online programme specially created for your children AND dogs to enjoy!

Have your children can train your dog from home, simply and effectively
With our easy-to-use and fun-to-follow Online Training Programme

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Who is Clever Kids & Canines for?
  • ​Families who'd like their puppy or dog to fit with their lifestyle 
  • ​Parents who'd like their children to have more time away from computer games and Netflix
  • ​Children who may be nervous around dogs and need a little confidence-building
  • ​Children who are boisterous around the family dog and need calm ways to interact
  • ​Parents who want great behaviour from both their children AND dogs!
  • ​Families who want to save on expensive and time-consuming dog training sessions
  • ​Children who learn best through bite-sized and easy-to-follow videos
  • ​Families who'd like to have more fun with their dog
  • ​And so much more!
"Clever Kids & Canines has become the new Netflix with our 7 and 13 year old!"
Clever Kids & Canines is packed with family-friendly, fun and effective dog training that your child can teach your dog.

It's for YOU if you're looking for a simple, affordable and educational way of entertaining your children - and benefits the dog, too! 
What will YOUR DOG learn with our training programme? 
  • Clicker Training (to tell your dog exactly what you want them to do)
  • ​Attention & Focus
  • ​How to walk nicely on lead
  • ​How to play nicely with toys
  • ​No jumping
  • ​Coming back when called 
  • ​To be calm, well-mannered and well behaved
  • ​Scent work
  • ​Clever games
  • ​Enrichment activities
  • ​and SO much more!
What will YOUR CHILD learn with our training programme?
  • ​How to teach your dog manners & obedience
  • ​Kindness, patience and understanding around your dog
  • ​How to successfully communicate with your dog
  • ​How to teach your dog to listen & respond
  • ​How to prevent barking, biting, chewing & jumping
  • ​How to play (tiring!) games and enrichment activities with your dog
  • ​How to be calm around dogs
  • ​How to do all this and so much MORE!
What are the benefits?
Develop a beautiful bond with your dog
With so many great resources for training your dog, learning through games and having fun together, Clever Kids & Canines can help you and your family develop a better understanding of your dog.
Fun interaction for the whole family!
If you're tired of Zoom sessions and mobile phones, Clever Kids & Canines can help by providing fun, educational and engaging interaction for the whole family!
Laughter is guaranteed!
A better behaved family dog
You'll be able to teach your dog lots of lovely new training skills and games, which keep them busy, tire them, and can improve their behaviour.
Now, you can develop beautiful canine behaviour and a child-dog bond for life: All in bitesized, fun and family-friendly videos that everyone will enjoy!
What you'll learn...
In your special Members' area, you'll find bitesized, fun-packed and family-friendly videos that will take you step-by-step through lots of fun games and clever tricks.

With instant-access to all of the modules, you'll be able to achieve:
 ...and much, much more!
Our Happy Members say...

Easy-to-follow Videos

Fun & Family Friendly

Suitable from 8-15 years

Step-By-Step, easy-to-follow fun!
In four easy to follow sections, all accessed easily in your online members area from any device, your clever kid will be able to follow along, step-by-step, at their own pace.

There's no expensive equipment needed, just a few household items, some tasty treats and an internet connection!
Your One-Off Investment for INSTANT Access...
£                     £
45  22
One-off Investment!
  • UNLIMITED Access to all fun-packed Training Videos!
  • INSTANT Access through an exclusive online Login
  • Mobile-Friendly Step-By-Step Videos and guides
  • Suitable for the whole family to enjoy!
Meet Your Trainer...
Ann is an advanced and experienced Dog Trainer with in-depth understanding of behaviour and the psychology involved in modern dog training. 

Ann is the founder of The Other Side of The Dog, offering top-rated training and behaviour help across Norfolk. 

When not helping pet dog owners to achieve beautiful behaviour and bonds with their puppies and dogs, Ann trains dogs for educational environments in her other dog training business, The Association of Dogs in Schools. 

She holds an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management, is a licensed Clever Dog Company Method Trainer, holds full membership with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT UK, no 01269) and is proud to adhere to their Code of Conduct encompassing kind, fair and effective dog training using positive, reward-based techniques.
(for Mums, Dads and Guardians)

How does Clever Kids & Canines work?

Clever Kids & Canines is an online programme. As soon as you sign up, you'll receive instant access to create a login to the special Members Area. Inside your Members' area is where you'll find all of our fun-packed videos and they'll walk you, step-by-step, through each part of the programme. You'll retain lifetime access to all of the content.

How do we access the training videos?

The Members' Area allows you to access the videos at any time, anywhere with an internet connection. 

Do we have to complete the videos in one go?

The videos are fun and bite-sized, and designed to give you lots of opportunity to practice and perfect each new trick, game or skill. You can work through them entirely at your own pace, or your child's pace.

Should I supervise my child/children?

Children should always be supervised with pets, and although all of our tricks and games are suitable from 8-14 years of age, we recommend that an adult supervises the training at all times.

Do we need any equipment to take part?

You'll need bite-sized tasty treats for your dog (such as chicken) and some inexpensive equipment, which can often be found around the home (such as a cardboard box). Don't worry - this is all covered in an introductory video when you join. 

What results can we expect?

Clever Kids & Canines will teach your child and your dog fun tricks and games that can improve their bond and behaviour. We guarantee fun, laughter and happiness all round!

Have a question for us? 

Call: 01603 334001 
An Ode to the Home-schooled
Restrictions til autumn!? Anything but awesome, so I guess that means we’re all cursed
Our patience waving, our sanity caving, I mean look, I’m speaking in verse

May was a scorcher, but this is just torture, and we parents are no longer fooled
Trying to teach phonics with rubbish electronics, and work too!? We’re totally home-schooled.

“I’m not a teacher!” says poor mummy creature, whose kid has just shamed her on teams
“I just want to swear!” says another mommy bear, above her kids’ annoying loud screams

Cos all of this maths and walking on paths is something one cannot describe
Home incarceration, is pure irritation, we’ve no choice but to turn to the bribe

“Finish those sheets, and I’ll give you some sweets” is a common one that seems to work well
And so what if all day they’re in their pjs, so long as it gets them to spell

But the biggest bug-bear we all have to share, is how the heck do we keep them entertained
Netflix is straining and brain cells are waning, to think up new stuff makes us feel drained

Thank god for our dog, to relieve us our slog, at least pooch doesn’t add to our struggle
And though it pains us to say, in a weird sorta way, our fur friend helps us to juggle

So, to finish this ode on positive note, here’s something to be our lifeline
To cement the strong bond through new skills and beyond, between our kids and beloved canine

Cos, until brighter days and return to soft play, there’s a club that’s got tongues and tails wagging,

Clever Kids & Canines is here and parents will cheer, as now the kids and the pooches are napping!
Forever in your corner, super Mums!
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